About Artist



Homa Eftekhar (Ghafar zadeh)
Born in 1949, Tehran, Iran

I have chosen watercolour as my painting medium, because of its versatility, spontaneity, transparency, immediacy, and cleanness.
As a novice in watercolour painting, I was told that the medium was an unforgiving one. Through trial and error, I found there are few painting techniques in watercolour but so many techniques to fix errors. As a result, the medium is fixable and, therefore, forgiving.

I was also told that the medium is not versatile but through hard work I discovered that the statement was not true. One can enjoy the versatility of the medium, when all the hidden potentials are discovered and tried.

Another misbelief is that watercolours should be done in subtle colours, loose and sketchy. I am challenging this misbelief and working in a vibrant palette extending the medium’s potential.
To me painting is a visual language. Artists can express a feeling create a mood, convey a message, and tell a story through it. I have chosen watercolour because it enables me to paint my subconscious and communicate properly with my art viewer

– Homa